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Knowl for Education and Lifelong Learning is a Collective Social Cooperative Enterprise, active as a dynamic participatory network, adhering to the principles of social economy and social entrepreneurship. It consists of a team of visionaries, a true mix of Europe’s ‘children’, who have wide experience in creating and managing knowledge and innovation, constantly pursuing development through active citizen participation as a fundamental right.
The multi-dimensional activities of knowl, reach beyond the scope of providing knowledge and skills and nurturing mind-sets and behavioural patterns. It culminates in a common social mission for the development of the knowledge society, increasing benefits for society as a whole.
Knowl's goal is to expand the boundaries of knowledge acquisition, providing ground breaking educational practices and methodologies, serving as exemplary models for social innovation. Along this line, knowl is exalting social dynamics and potential through the interaction with international policies, programmes and initiatives encompassing science, economy and society.
The pivotal axis of knowl’s activities consists in the radiation of knowledge as social capital through novel ways to provide social and educational services, as well as in the creation of socially sensitive communication and cooperation patterns and channels, able to generate and utilise knowledge as a valuable social asset. In order to match its objectives, knowl is setting up “clusters of knowledge and education” through the joint forces of human resources within science and society.
Knowl is methodologically testing and evaluating new conceptualisations and practices, going beyond the limits of well-established, traditional ways of knowledge production, bringing together diverse actors and organisations in the social and economic fields.
Knowl has already managed to become a meeting and reference point for persons and organisations, resting on cooperative models between Academia, labour market, the educational community and the civil society, continuously stressing collaboration by the means of an open, participatory and inviting organisational structure.
In a nutshell, knowl can provide empirical data, suggestions, guidelines and services with respect to the following:
knowl’s development axis is being fostered by a multi-dimensional, interactive and constantly renewable and adaptable strategic positioning, drawing its essence and scope from the dedication to provide high quality, flexible vertical services to its customers, as tested and monitored by an ever-evolving mechanism to secure unobstructed functioning and a set of high quality services, activities, and tools.

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