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EU projects

SUCCESS.ion - Training for Family Business Transfers

Through the development of an integrated training provision on family business succession for family firms owners and members, as well as business consultants, the project is aiming at:

  • Supporting family business members and owners through practical and easy to follow learning tools to understand and confront the issue of succession in both its ‘family’ and ‘business’ aspects
  • Enhancing the knowledge and skills of business consultants by the provision of a set of methodological guidelines, tools, and practical means to effectively consult family business owners and members to deal with the issue of succession
  • Providing VET, consulting, entrepreneurship education organisations, as well as business schools and education structures an integrated on-line available tool with support material to either complement or set up family business succession training projects
  • Offering new knowledge and insights on the issue of family business succession through research in the participating countries, as well as identifying training needs
  • Disseminating the results of the project and exploring sustainability aspects for future use of the developed outputs in project countries and beyond, especially concerning the development of further training opportunities

SUCCESS.ion is an EU co-funded project under the Erasmus + Programme of the European Commission.
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IncuVET - VET Schools as Entrepreneurial Hubs

IncuVET aims to provide an improved understanding and support of Entrepreneurial Education and Start-up Support in VET Schools. It focuses on initiatives geared towards a broader and better-rounded support to entrepreneurship in VET schools structured around three different layers of intervention:

  • CHANGING MINDS. It will provide an open space where all interested stakeholders (teachers, employers, students, community organizations, local authorities) will engage in a process of discovery and discussion in order to stretch the concept of the role entrepreneurship should play in society and education.
  • UNLEASHING NEW IDEAS. It will be run under the principle “No Idea Left Behind” where creativity and sustainability will deserve special attention. In order to provide the right conditions for new ideas to come to the surface connections with the real world, interdisciplinary and cross-sectorial cooperation stand out as crucial elements in the equation.
  • ADDING VALUE. It will secure the conditions for some of these new ideas to abandon Thoughtland and morph into viable businesses, innovative products, disruptive services, new teaching methods, inclusive social schemes, cultural events, adding value and making a contribution to the economic, social, cultural and environmental development of the local community schools.

IncuVET is an EU co-funded project under the Erasmus + Programme of the European Commission.
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MENTEE - Mentoring, Networking and Training for European Entrepreneurs

MENTEE aims to support aspiring and new entrepreneurs across Europe, providing them with practical entrepreneurial experiences and know-how, together with entrepreneurial models to follow, inspiration, and informal competences that could be ensured by the constant connection with experienced entrepreneurs as mentors. Mentee will create a network where new entrepreneurs can find reliable partners for their business to grow stronger, together with the most up-to-date information and opportunities for start-ups around Europe and further learning experiences. Finally, through the project's portal, the project aims to provide all potential entrepreneurs with a support community of other entrepreneurs (potential, young, experienced) who can provide new ideas and advice.

The Mentee project objectives are thus:

  • To provide a constant mentoring scheme to new entrepreneurs who either are involved or have recently been involved in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme, as well as other aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • To adapt and develop a blended learning model (face-to-face and virtual) to meet the needs of new entrepreneurs and promoting entrepreneurship education.
  • To provide a networking platform allowing for interaction and fostering business ideas through further e-learning opportunities and business connections.
  • To develop a platform for gathering news, resources and links for new entrepreneurs and their experiences around Europe.

MENTEE is an EU co-funded project under the Erasmus + Programme of the European Commission.
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IESEC - Increasing Employability and Standards of Elderly Caregivers through Specialized Training and Innovative Empowerment

Most often, the elderly are taken care of by inadequately trained individuals, working in non-professional settings. Caregivers of the elderly, so-called “Elderly Caregivers”, need to be better and more proficiently trained to perform their duties, be empowered to feel more confident and improve their understanding of the challenges of their role. IESEC aims to address this issue by developing and offering a unified curriculum and training programme that will provide Elderly Caregivers with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to increase their efficiency, resilience and improve stress management. IESEC is an EU co-funded project under the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission
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EDUcation Cultural & Creative knowledge Alliance for Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

The EDUCCKATE project is an 18-month initiative co-funded by the European Commission, under the Directorate-General for Education and Culture. The project aims to develop an innovative training course in entrepreneurship and a mentored three-month internship scheme for students and graduates of Cultural and Creative majors in businesses in these industries, for the cultivation of their entrepreneurial mindset and the promotion of entrepreneurship. The activities of the project benefit both students/graduates by providing them with access to businesses as well as with the opportunity to develop business projects & discover new professional routes. Also, they benefit HE institutions and businesses through their cooperation, with the aim to develop new customised products or services with commercial value based on academic research and knowledge.
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Growing Pathways for Ethics on Leadership,
Business and Life

The Growing on Ethics project aims to upskill workers and managers in ethics skills; develop a Joint Guideline for the use of common methodology Growing on Ethics Tool Kit with specific and useful information in each country; mainstream vertical models incorporating Ethics and CSR into national policies and training references in each country, with recognition for EQF and ECVET; and, to establish and reinforce in each country a network of Ethics and CSR with a strong focus on economical, environmental and social aspects (human resource management, community support, training, etc.), including not only companies but also VET Providers, NGO´s, public authorities. It is a 24-month initiative co-funded by the European Commission, under the Directorate-General for Education and Culture.
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Building Opportunities for Women
in the Construction Sector

The High Heels project is a 24-month initiative co-funded by the European Commission, under the Directorate-General for Education and Culture. It aims to update, adapt, localise and translate the award winning ‘Best Training Programme’ (2010): ‘Women and Work: Sector Pathways Initiative’ implemented in the UK. High Heels aims to combat gender discrimination and inequalities in the workplace, as well as identify soft skills needs for women working in the construction sector that will enable them to successfully enter, remain and advance in the sector. Through two customised training courses, one for managers and one for employees, the project has the specific objective to equip women with essential soft skills in several critical areas (e.g. dealing with difficult people; working with confidence; effective leadership, conflict management, strengths identification and their use at work, mentoring etc.) to facilitate their work and professional experience.
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Fostering Re-integration and Enhancing Employability through Inmates Training

The FREE-IT project is a 24-month initiative co-funded by the European Commission, under the Directorate-General for Education and Culture. It focuses on the training of operators who, in different EU prisons, activate VET initiatives targeting convicts, in direct response to the impact of the economic crisis. The project intends to provide them with additional tools for inmates’ employment promotion, detecting local micro and craft enterprises existing demand for skills and predict future ones.
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Advancing work safety for pest control workers

The EU co-funded project PEST PRACTICE – “Advancing work safety for pest control workers” is developing training material for professional pest control workers that promotes work safety and aims at better understanding of the risks associated with pest control operations. PEST PRACTICE is addressing the clear lack in targeted and well-informed training programmes and learning opportunities for pest professionals among many EU member-states, concerning the correct handling, application and disposal of pesticides, especially among low-skilled pest control workers.

The foreseen benefits of PEST PRACTICE for the pest control sector consist in:
  • Enabling Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the field to implement Occupational Health Management Schemes and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems for work safety
  • Enhancing their competitive potential in the sector, by fully complying with the existing national and European legislative provisions and exploiting innovative and tailor-made training material
  • Boosting the professionalism of pest control workers, by enhancing their ability to perform pest control operations, while at the same time, protecting themselves, public health and the environment.
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The European Business Growth Catalyst (EBGC)

Τhe European Business Growth Catalyst (EBGC) project is designed to develop a new learning programme for managers and owners of European Small to Medium Sized Businesses (SMEs), to grow their businesses and acquire a European perspective in their focus and trade. EBGC addresses the gap in learning programmes jointly developed and delivered by HE enterprise experts and educators in collaboration with SME trainers with both VET expertise and practical SME knowledge. Business Growth Catalyst project is a 24-month initiative co-funded by the European Commission, under the Directorate-General for Education and Culture.
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