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Dr. Ioannis Salamouris , Chief Financial Officer, President of the Board
Dr. Salamouris is the President of knowl Social Enterprise for Education and Lifelong Learning. He is also an educational advisor to the Technological Education Institute of Piraeus. Dr. Salamouris is currently an active member of the Institutional Intervention Team of the Hellenic Association of Young Entrepreneurs and the Global Academy of Finance  & Management, where he has been elected in the Honorary Global Advisory Board.
He holds a Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Manchester, a M.Sc. in Accounting and Finance from the University of Essex and a BSc. from the Athens University of Economics and Business, in Greece.
He has extensive teaching experience through delivering academic modules and has trained a significant number of professionals through co-funded vocational education and training programmes of both public and private origin.
Dr. Salamouris has been engaged as an educational consultant in the design, development and implementation of educational seminars in both professional and academic contexts and has offered his academic and coordination expertise in the implementation and scientific validation of various EC co-funded projects on vocational educational training and employment.
In addition, he has participated as a speaker and panel moderator in several international conferences, presenting research in the areas of accounting and finance; and part of the scientific committee of several European Conferences funded by the European Commission.
His current research interest is focused on the field of Behavioural Finance. He particularly explores and enhances the concept of behavioural entrepreneurship, its influence and potential in the analysis of entrepreneurial practices and conceptions.

Dimitris Zafeiriadis, Chief Strategy Officer & Vice President of the Board
Dimitris Zafeiriadis received his degree from the Department of Civil Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has worked for two decades in the field of communication, with an emphasis on political communication. He has extensive experience and expertise in designing communication strategies, implementation of advertising campaigns and developing promotional activities, publicity and media relations. He has served in positions of responsibility in the administrative structure of public institutions and services, as Director of the Minister's Office and the Mayor of Athens and has been responsible for the political communication and public bodies as well as Spokesman of a political organization. He was responsible and participated in the organization of major national and international events. He works in the implementation of co-financed and European projects.

Aimilios Karamanlis, Head of Training and Development, Secretary, General of the Board

Aimilios has received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (University of Crete) and his Master’s degree in School Psychology (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens). His role in S.E. knowl for Education and Lifelong Learning is to work with professionals (entrepreneurs, corporate staff and free-lancers) on personal and professional development through the application of VET as well as mentoring/coaching methods, techniques and tools. He is actually continuously studying the integration of mentoring and coaching principles in Vocational Education and Training, the shifting of focus from teaching to learning and from formal systems to active self-directed learning and participation.

As project team coordinator in European Projects, he undertakes the implementation of work packages concerning research, dissemination of results and methodology of training programs in business coaching. In addition, he is the co-developer, coordinator and presenter of the accredited, by the International Coach Federation, two-day workshop of personal and professional development, STARS Success Yourself ©. He has a strong interest and research background on soft skills, goal setting and evaluation of success, positive psychology, systemic approach, neurosciences and strengths spotting and use.

He closely works with risk groups, developing the training material and organizing interlinked and complementary activities that bring measurable results through the development of skills and competencies. Indicatively, in the context of cooperation with the Youth and Lifelong Learning Institute, he is the Head of Support & Counseling of vulnerable social groups and Head of Mentoring Services specializing in Social Economy at the Business Support Center

As Free Lancer, he provides psychotherapy services to teenagers and adults and counselling to parents, leveraging his professional experience, continuing training and specialization in the study of humans and human teams through a layered multifocal, systemic – dialectic orientation.

Going back to 2007 up to 2013, he provided services of psychological evaluation and support at numerous diagnostic-counseling and treatment facilities, such as the association “Pnoi Agapis”, the Institute of children and adult Psychological Health, the 13th elementary school of Nikaia, the Arsakeia Tositseia Schools and the Psychosocial Care Team of the Greek Army. In 2005, he worked through the grant program O.P. "Education" for the certified provider of Social Care, "Rise”.

Sofia Ioannou, Project Manager, EU Affairs

Sofia Ioannou received her Bachelor’s degree in Informatics in Management and Economics from the Technological Educational Institution in Patra.

As a Project Manager at knowl, she is responsible for the management and coordination of several of knowl’s educational programmes, as well as the management, coordination and implementation of EU funded projects within the scope of education, entrepreneurship and employability.

She has previously worked in the ICT sector as a Junior Project Manager where she was responsible for the management and delivery of EU and privately funded projects. During that time she was responsible for concluding financial and functional bids, analyzing project requirements, training and supporting clients and managing resources, time, costs and quality.

Vasilis Kikilias, Head of Promotion and Advertising, Μember of the Board

Vassilis Kikilias was born in 1970 in Athens and since 2015 he is a member of the board of knowl Social Enterprise for Education and Lifelong Learning.

He received his degree in Business Administration from the Business College of Athens. Immediately after finishing his studies in 1993, at the age of 23, he worked as an account manager in the advertising group of Leo Burnett.

However, very soon, business world won his heart. In 1994 he set up the «Redd advertising» and three years later, in 1997 the K2K advertising, a company that he runs with great success since until today, providing specialized promotional and advertising services to companies and organizations in the private and public sector.

Olga Stavropoulou, Chief Visionary Officer & Member of the Board

In 2000, she co-founded with her partners, the company Militos Consulting S.A., where she is the President and in 2011 she co-founded the Social Enterprise “knowl for Education and Lifelong Learning” where she is Member of the Board and Chief Visionary Officer.

Olga Stavropoulou is a self-made active social entrepreneur and a recognized mentor, who stands out for the numerous projects and actions she has developed and implemented that enhance, advance and promote entrepreneurship, employment, mobility, lifelong learning and training, as well for the numerous and successful large scale, awareness raising and information campaigns, and innovative initiatives that encourage, sensitize, involve, empower and excite thousands of European citizens.

In 2015 - 2016, she undertook as Creative, Communication & Digital Director to design and implement the actions and activities of the Candidacy Office for the bidding of the city of Larissa for the title of "European Capital of Culture 2021".

Since 2001, she acts as the National Editor of the European Commission Standard Eurobarometer. Moreover, in 2011, she was appointed Coordinator of the Hellenic Unit of the European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs (Business Mentors) under the auspices of the European Commission, Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry; In 2012, she was elected Vice President of the Hellenic Association of Young Entrepreneurs in Athens, Piraeus and Province (E.SY.N.E) (continuing today) and the same year, she was elected General Secretary of the Governing Committee of Women’s Organisation of Managers and Entrepreneurs (TOGME)/Hellenic Management Association (reelected in 2015 for a second term). In addition, since 2012 she is a member of the Institutional Interventions and Policy Committee of the Federation of Hellenic Associations of Young Entrepreneurs (O.E.SY.N.E.), since 2013 she is a Member of the National Board for the Global Entrepreneurship Week, and for the period 2013 – 2014 she was acted as Chair for ECWT Entrepreneurship Alliance (European Center for Women and Technology) to promote and enhance entrepreneurship at a European level, with a special focus on encouraging women and the use of ICT.

In 2014, she was appointed as Ambassador for Greece of the Global Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, an initiative of WED NY Worldwide Movement, in partnership with U.S. State Department that was launched on Nov. 19th 2014 at United Nations; the world’s largest celebration of women innovators and job creators in 144 countries, to empower women entrepreneurs and inspire 250 million girls living in poverty. In 2015, she was further appointed the honorary role of WED Regional Leader for European Union, representing the EU28 Member States in the Global Network.

She features (four consecutive times, i.e. 2012, 2013 and 2014, 2015) in the ICAP Group’s annual edition with LEADING WOMEN IN BUSINESS that is distributed with the national coverage newspaper TA NEA.

She publishes articles and papers mostly related to entrepreneurship. In June 2013, she was selected by the Kaufmann Foundation (Research Conference on High Growth Women’s Entrepreneurship) to present the abstract titled “Recognizing the positive effects of strengths-based mentoring to facilitate female entrepreneurship in Greece // Glass ceiling vs. glass feeling”.

She has developed various innovative knowledge sharing models and professional development workshops such as “STARS success yourself workshop” (accredited by the International Coach Federation as Continuing Coach Education), “knowledge shots”, “true talks” and “the public interview”. And she is an accredited practitioner (Realise 2, CAPP) in strengths-based approach and in 2013 she was accredited with the Advanced Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching (accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and the International Coach Federation). She is also certified in mentoring skills by the international accreditation institution BUPNET.

More specifically in the area of mentoring, besides the development of full mentoring systems e.g. for the organization of Small Enterprises’ Institute of the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants (IME GSEVEE), she acts as Mentor for various initiatives such as the ΜΙΤ Greece Startup Competition 2014 (MIT Enterprise Forum Greece), and in the frames of the initiative “Enterprising Socially” under the auspices of the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency (ADDMA) and the City of Athens (2015).

She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Sociology (Northeastern University, USA) and her Master’s degree in International Politics (University of Brussels) // Thesis: “Multilingualism in Europe’s Information Society”.

In 2007, her first novel was published, titled “From Romeo to Jack”, by Empiria Publishing.

She is married and mother of a son.

Aliki Tsigri Head of Multimedia Content & Material , Μember of the Board
Aliki Tsigri was born in 1981 in Athens and since 2012 she is a member of the board of knowl Social Enterprise for Education and Lifelong Learning.
She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Painting from the Athens School of Fine Arts and she holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Arts from the School of Visual Arts.
She has been teaching drawing at Tsigris Design School since 2000 and she has taught painting and background design as well. A core part of her teaching activities is preparing the students for Athens School of Fine Arts.
She has attended numerous seminars on animation, film and photography and has presented her work in many exhibitions and festivals since 2001, such as the Athens Video Art Festival and the Cheap Art Gallery. She has received fellowships and awards from many charities during her studies and her professional life such as State Scholarships Foundation, Erasmus and Fulbright fellowships.

Marica Labrou, Strategic Business Advisor
Marica Labrou is the General Manager of Intersys (Business Imaging & Professional Print Group) since November 2014. She is a Chemical Engineer (University of Patras) and has an MBA (University of La Verne).
Marica has 27 years of extensive managerial experience at both Greek and multinational companies (Bosch- Siemens, HP, Microsoft, SingularLogic), primarily in the sector of Information Technologies.
She is a Board Member of the Association of Chief Executive Officers (ACEO) and Ηead of the Women Task Force there. She is also member of the Global Board Ready Women, member of the Women in Business (WiB) committee at Hellenic-American Chamber, member of Women Managers and Entrepreneurs (TOGME) & the Leadership (THGE) sectors at Hellenic Management Association (EEDE). She is also a Mentor at Endeavor Greece and at Women on Top (WoT).
She has served as Coach at the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises’ Productivity Network (SEV), also as President of the Organizational Committee for the Greek Leadership Congress, as well as Board Member of the Federation of Hellenic Information Technology & Communication Enterprises (SEPE).
She writes articles and gives lectures on business related topics. She also volunteers her services as mentor to women and youth seeking to realize their business vision.
She is devoted to the principles of compassionate entrepreneurial entrepreneurship.
Dr. Sophia Protopapa External Partner

Dr. Sophia Protopapa holds a Doctorate in Social Sciences from the University of Leicester, UK. In her doctoral research she examined the factors and processes that support high transfer of training and enhance employee and organisational performance and has developed the High Transfer System (ΗΤS), a systemic model for the transfer of training on the job. She is a certified REALISE2 Practitioner for the relevant strengths test.
Her research at present focuses on positive psychology, talents and strengths, well-being as well as success and for years she has been studying the behaviors of successful people.
With her colleagues she has developed a complete and formal mentoring system feel the mentoring©, which can be implemented in businesses and organisations, as well as the STARS© model, which aims at enhancing the personal and professional development of individuals with a focus on strengths and success. The STARS© model forms the basis for the STARS SUCCESS YOURSELF workshop which is accredited by the International Coach Federation as Continuing Coach Education.
Dr. Protopapa is the scientific advisor of the Success Project and she works as an external partner of the knowl - Social Enterprise for Education and Lifelong Learning.
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Dr. Ioannis Salamouris

Chief Financial Officer
President of the Board
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Dimitris Zafeiriadis
Chief Strategy Officer &
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Olga Stavropoulou

Chief Visionary Officer & Member of the Board
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Aimilios Karamanlis
Psychologist & General Secretary
Member of the Board

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Katerina Vasileiou
Project Manager,
EU Affairs

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Aliki Tsigri

Head of Multimedia Content
Μember of the Board
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Vasilis Kikilias

Head of Promotion and Advertising,
Μember of the Board
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Marica Labrou

Strategic Business Advisor
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